Jennifer's Platform


Every 10 years elected officials re-draw our district lines to maintain their power and position, not to ensure fair representation. It doesn’t have to be this way. Jennifer supports having an independent commission to redraw our district lines in 2021 after the completion of the census. That way we will know that districting decisions ensure one person one vote, rather than ensuring incumbents relection. Your vote for Jennifer Blusk this year has a ten year impact. Why? Because however the lines are drawn we’re stuck with them until 2031. That’s FIVE election cycles. We’ve knocked on 1600 doors of voters who are not of any political party. The overwhelming majority of people we’ve spoken with are in favor of fairly drawn districts that are not drawn for the benefit of elected officials and political appointees.


Who represents us? When do they meet? What do they do when they meet? What are they responsible for? It’s not rocket science, but it sure seems that way- doesn’t it? While Jennifer has knocked on thousands of doors these questions have come up over and over again. If our county legislative sessions were recorded and posted online, would it be less mysterious?  If you received periodic summaries of decisions made would you be more informed about where your tax dollars are being spent and why? Would you be more likely to engage? Jennifer is an advocate of posting video of legislative sessions online, especially because they take place during the workday. She is in favor of using today's social media to keep constituents informed. She believes that for local government to be effective it is important that it be open, accessible, and responsive to everyday people and their needs for 

Do you want a Thriving Community for Generations to Come?

Our children deserve a sustainable community where energy is clean and renewable and where our leaders are investing in long-term success, not just getting by until tomorrow.  

(click here to see the Onondaga County Sustainable Development Plan)